Welcome to Mirror City. This is how to get started on the wiki.


Mirror city is about a group of aspiring performers living in New York who discover the harsh realities of making it in showbiz and realize that getting to the top involves less glamour and more selfishness and backstabbing that people think. Henceforth, they nickname it Mirror City.

Making a CharacterEdit

We have room for 6-8 main character spots, who are the aspirers. The recurrings can be people they know.

To make a character, all you have to do is create a page with the character's celebrity face claim and fill it with information about them. It doesn't have to be complete for now.

There is no need to create actor/actress pages as we do not need them.

Writing EpisodesEdit

In creating and writing our episodes, we will use a format similar to other fictional TV shows. We will create episode pages with titles beforehand and write it on chat.

Also, for every episode, there will be a main plot and subplot, which will get equal "air time". People can decide whether their characters will be involved in the main plot of subplot. A certain group of characters will be in the main plot, and the others will be in the sub plot. We will write out the main plot first, and then begin the sub-plot.


  • We will create pages for locations too.
  • All the characters live in the same house, so we will discuss the address later.
  • Have fun!